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First Options are now being taken on the coming foals some have already been picked...
If any interest you, please don't hesitate to enquire...

                                   Easy Terms Are Available


2016 foals Due

 Excalibur Park Jameela x S.L The Illusionist foal will be 86.4% Arabian foal will be cremello or perlino -perlino filly SOLD

S.L Lady  Elyssia x  Arabino Alchemy  foal  will be 92.1 % cremello or palomino. cremello filly RETAINED

Arabec Spellbound x Odyssey White Tiger foal will be 87.5 % pally or pally pinto  -pally colt SOLD

Kasban Poise N Ivy x Bacchante Nocturne (Saudi El Perseus) foal will be black purebred -black filly  Retained

S.L Hallelujah x Bacchante Renaissance foal will be 90.6 % pally or buckskin- Buckskin colt  SOLD

Roseglen Shaanice x Xanaphon  foal will be 90.6% palomino -flashy pally colt SOLD

Sexy Star (TB) x Legends Of Excalibur foal will be 36.7% Arabian palomino and will be big .Palomino filly SOLD

Zaddik Isis x Odyssey White Tiger foal will be cremello 80.6%  -cremello Colt SOLD


Sierra Lodge Fantasia perlino filly(S.L The Illusionist x Excalibur Park Jameela)  SOLD


Sierra Lodge Lady Amelia -cremello filly (Arabino Alchemy x S.L Lady Elyssia) retained


Sierra Lodge Poetry-  palomino filly (Legends Of Excalibur x Sexy Star) SOLD


Sierra Lodge Elvira black purebred filly.( Bacchante Nocturne x Kasban Poise N Ivy )Retained


Sierra Lodge Magnus - Palomino colt ( Odyssey White Tiger x Arabec Spellbound) SOLD


Sierra Lodge Shadow Hunter 80.6% cremello colt  (Odyssey White Tiger x Zaddik Isis)SOLD


 Sierra Lodge Xavier 90.6% Arabian palomino colt ,very flashy. (Xanaphon x Roseglen Shaanice) SOLD


Sierra Lodge Da Vinci 90.6% buckskin colt (Renaissance  x Sierra Lodge Hallelujah) very extreme face and lovely body .. SOLD

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