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 RIP :Amarillo Park Superstition  Bay purebred 2yo gelding   Sire is Bey Rafiq dam is Bremervale Premonition


Youngstock Show

Millmerran Show 2017

Sierra Lodge Heir Strike - 1st & Champion purebred colt and Supreme Champion purebred exhibit.

Sierra Lodge The Illusionist -2nd & Reserve Champion Derivative Stallion/colt


We took 4 horses plus a clients.

Sierra Lodge Special Effects 1st & Reserve Champion partbred

Moulin Rogue VA 1st & Reserve Champion ,1st & Champion Non pro with Ash .

Atribute 1st & Champion Senior Stockhorse

Foxwood Mystic Gold 1st & Champion Junior Arabian Stockhorse.

Mackay A Class Arabian show .

We took Foxwood Mystic Gold   winning 1st & Champion Arabian Stockhorse

Moulin Rogue  VA 1st & Reserve Champion



Dilute Championships

We took 2 of our horses and a clients filly.

Sierra Lodge Iced Perfection was 1st Best Presented ,1st Best bred to Type ,1st ,Champion  and Grand Champion Cremello /perlino Exhibit.

Moulin Rogue VA 1st ,Champion & Grand Champion Ancillary Exhibit.



Spring Affair B Class - we took 2 horses  Evangeline VA  - Eve worked the best she has ever to win 1st Champion and then take out Supreme Derivative . Eve teamed up with Ash to also win champion Non  pro Exhibit.

Moulin Rogue VA was 1st & Champion Half Arabian .



The Challenge State Show AA class

Sierra Lodge Special Effects - 1st ,Champion junior partbred colt ,Champion of Champions  part bred & Supreme Champion Derivative.

Foxwood Mystic Gold - 1st & Junior Stockhorse Gelding ,Champion of Champions Arabian Stockhorse. & Supreme Champion Derivative Gelding. 2nd & Reserve Champion Non pro derivative gelding.

Making her debut Moulin Rogue VA 1st & Reserve Champion Half Arabian female.

Evangeline VA 3rd partbred junior filly.





Kalbar Show

Sierra Lodge Iced Perfection 1st & Champion Arabian derivative Filly

Evangeline 2nd Arabian Derivative filly 2nd & Reserve Pally mare

Lowood Show

We showed a clients filly 1st & Champion Pally
1st & Champion Arabian derivative
Zaddik Desert Dancer 2nd Best Presented pally 2nd & Reserve Champion pally 1st Best Present Ancillary 1st & Champion Ancillary
2nd Arabian derivative


Esk Show

Evangeline VA  1st ,CHampion and went onto be Supreme Champion pally.
Foxwood Mystic Gold 1st & Reserve Buckskin



Marburg Show

Evangeline VA 1st & Champion Pally 1st Best Presented pally.
2nd Arabian derivative filly

Sierra Lodge Iced Perfection 1st Best Presented Any Other Dilute, 1st Champion AOD, 1st & Reserve Derivative



Gala Arabian Show A class

 Foxwood Mystic Gold 1st & Champion Stockhorse also going Champion Non Pro with Ash showing him.

Sierra Lodge Extraordinaire made his debut placing 2nd & Reserve Champion.

Sierra Lodge Special Effects Top 5 after hurting himself at the stables.




Toowoomba Royal

Evangeline VA had a good show placing 1st & Reserve Champion Derivative Female
Foxwood Mystic Gold 1st Derivative Gelding



APSB Youngstock show making his debut Sierra Lodge Special effects. 1st Best Presented (6 entries)1st weanling colt (6 entries) He went onto be named Supreme Foal of the Show. receiving a lovely garland.
Sierra Lodge The White Queen 1st Best Presented Arabian partbred. Champion and Grand Champion Arabian Derivative.



Millmerran Ag Show

Evangeline VA 1st & Reserve Champion

Ash showed Amarillo Park Superstition for 2nd & Reserve Champion.

2016 Summer Show we took 2 horses .Evangeline VA won her filly class Foxwood Mystic Gold was 1st & Champion Arabian stockhorse.

We took 5 horses up to our last big show of the season TOTR.

Atribute was named Champion Senior Arabian stock horse.3rd Maiden,1st Novice, 1st Arabian stockhorse/quarab.

Zaddik Desert Dancer 1st & Reserve Champion senior partbred .2nd Novice ,2nd partbred ,2nd bridle path hack.

Bluedawn Montana 5th Novice

Evangeline VA 1st partbred junior filly .

Foxwood Mystic Gold 1st,Champion Junior Arabian stockhorse then went on to be Supreme Junior Derivative.





Dilute Championships

We took Foxwood Mystic Gold ,S.L The White Queen and Bluedawn Montana.

Mystic Gold won Best presented junior buckskin ,Best bred to Type ,1st & Champion Junior Buckskin...

Bluedawn Montana 2ndBest Presented Senior Buckskin ,1st Best bred to type. 2nd buckskin mare. 1st ridden buckskin under 14hh .2nd pony hack.

S.L The White Queen ..1st white horse female and Champion .Grand Champion White horse exhibit.



Premier A class Arabian show.

We took 3 horses down to Murwillumbah.
Sierra Lodge making her debut..Such  a well behaved girl winning both her young stock class and her under 2 yo partbred class ..

Zaddik Desert Dancer was 2nd and went onto be Reserve Champion Partbred ,1st Novice derivative under saddle.

Foxwood Mystic Gold won his Arabian stockhorse class and was named Champion ..

In the Supreme lineup against some lovely horses Mystic Gold was named Supreme Derivative Exhibit




Gatton Show  we took Kasban Alove Note and Zaddik Desert Dancer..

Danny was feeling quite fresh after all the recent cold weather. 3rd Best Presented Palomino, 3rd palomino gelding,1st Best Presented Ancillary,2nd Ancillary gelding and Reserve Champion. 2nd Arabian derivative gelding.2nd Best trot.

Belle was 3rd 3yo and under all breed Futurity (13 entries),1st and Champion pure bred mare ,Supreme Champion purebred Exhibit, 1st Best Head 1st Best trot..



Lowood -Fernvale Open T Shirt Hack show. we took Atribute and Zaddik Desert Dancer

I showed Desert Dancer for 2nd led Galloway ,2nd Best Presented ,1st Maiden ,2nd Novice ,2nd Open 3rd Best Educated 2nd Pleasure.

Ash showed Atribute for 4th led Hack ,4th Maiden out of 8 ,6th Novice and 4th Open.



The Challenge AA class Arabian show. We took up 3 halter horses and 3 ridden... Saturday was Derivative halter with Evangeline VA winning her class and going Reserve Champion Part Bred Mare/filly, Sierra Lodge The Illusionist was 2nd and Reserve Champion Part Bred Stallion and making his debut was Foxwood Mystic Gold our junior Buckskin gelding 1st & Champion Arabian Stockhorse. Pure ridden was also on this day with Veronica Mortimer riding our mare Kasban Alove Note. gaining 2 -2nd placing's.

Sunday was Derivative ridden .Bluedawn Montana and myself winning 1st Maiden ,1st Novice ,1st Intermediate against some lovely horses. Ash riding Atribute gaining 2nd in the Maiden 4th in  the Novice.







Youngstock Show  we took Kasban Alove Note and Evangeline VA.

Kasban Alove Note won 1st Best Presented ,1st Best Head ,1st Best Trot 1st 3yo purebred and Champion 3yo Purebred.

Evangeline VA 3rd Dilute Futurity,3rd Best presented Dilute ,1st mane & tail 1st yearling palomino,Reserve Palomino yearling,1st Best presented Arabian derivative,2nd best trot ,2nd part bred yearling.



Lowood Show we took Danny & Montana

Danny was 1st Best Presented palomino ,2nd & Reserve Champion pally gelding. 1st & Champion Ancillary . 3rd Ridden Palomino ,1st Ridden Ancillary.

Montana 1st Best Presented Buckskin ,2nd and Reserve Champion buckskin ,2nd Aussie pony. 3rd Arabian derivative mare.



Esk Show we took Danny & Eve

Danny was 2nd & Reserve palomino gelding.2nd & Reserve Arabian derivative gelding,

Eve was 1st & Champion palomino mare 1st ,champion & Supreme Champion Derivative.



Marburg Show local day Ash took Danny along ,winning 1st Novice Galloway,2nd lightweight Galloway and Reserve Champion Galloway.

Day 2 we took Eve & Montana Eve was 2nd Best presented, 1st & Champion palomino mare. Supreme Dilute ,1st & Reserve Champion Arabian derivative.

Montana 1st Best presented Buckskin ,1st & Champion buckskin mare. 1st Australian pony mare and reserve Champion 1st & Champion Heritage pony. 2nd derivative mare.




Gala A Class We took 6 horses.

Halter first day . Amarillo park Superstition made his debut  winning Top 5 purebred weanling colt.

Atribute 1st & Reserve Champion Arabian

S.L The Illusionist 1st & Reserve Champion Junior Partbred.

Sunday Ridden

Kasban Alove Note 4th ,5th ,2- 1st.

Zaddik Desert Dancer 2-2nds ,4th open

Bluedawn Montana making her debut under saddle .4th ,3rd and 2nd







Cedar Grove Open  hack show.

Ash made her debut on Atribute. placing 4th beginner hack ,3rd maiden hack and 2nd 15.2hh ne 16hh

Kasban Alove Note  2nd Beginner ,3rd Maiden .




Kilcoy Show
We took 3 horses .. S.L Ginger Rogers made her showing debut ..Such a sweet girl.. placing were 2nd Best Pest Presented palomino, 1st best colour ,1st mane and tail ,1st filly ,1st derivative filly.

Zaddik Desert Dancer 3rd partbred gelding under saddle.4th  Novice Galloway.

Kasban Alove Note 3rd Novice purebred




Toowoomba Royal. We took 3 horses

S.L The Illusionist 1st partbred Stallion /colt

Atribute 1st Arabian/stockhorse

Kasban Alove Note 1st and Champion purebred mare in a strong class.




Summer Show ,We took 3 horses up to Caboolture

S.L The Illusionist won a strong class and went on to be Champion Exhibit.

Atribute won his Arabian Stockhorse class and was named Champion

Zaddik Desert Dancer 2nd Novice derivative under saddle.




Well the first of our new arrivals will soon be here. Pleased to introduce
Arabec Spellbound  (Arabec Razikhs Legacy x Starwood Marrakesh ) 4yo pinto mare 87.5% Arabian
.. Would like to thank Kimba Thorpe for letting us purchase this lovely girl..


Feb 2015

All mares that were bred are safely in foal... We look forward to meeting their babies in due course. 
Foals are being weaned and the sold ones heading off to their new families. We wish them all the very best...

There are a couple of new additions arriving soon at Sierra Lodge ,will announce sooner to them arriving..

HAPPY 2015  Let's Hope it is a good one xoxo

Very excited to announce that Zaddik Isis and Kasban Poise N Ivy are infoal to RHR Heir of Marwan....


The beautiful Bacchante Angelina is infoal to S.L The Illusionist. foal will also be pally and also expect to be very special...


TOTR we took 2 horses. Zaddik Desert Dancer & Atribute.

We had a great show ..Dancer winning 1st & Champion Partbred Exhibit ,1st Dual registered  

Atribute 1st & Champion Arabian stockhorse.

Then Ash & Dancer competing in Novice ridden for 3rd out of 6 horses  ,and 4th out of 5 horses in her partbred mare/gelding class, so proud of you both ... 





Spring Affair

We took 3 horses Evangeline VA ,Zaddik Desert Dancer & Kasban Alove Note.

Evangeline VA 1st & Reserve Champion 50% & over ,1st & Champion Derivative.

Kasban Alove Note 3 rd in a strong class.

Zaddik Desert Dancer made his debut with Ash riding..he was well behaved and gained a 4th & proud of you Ash..





Dilute Championships we took 2 horses..

Evangeline VA  1st Best Presented Palomino,1st Mane & Tail ,2nd Coat Colour ,2nd Best Conformation 3rd palomino filly

Bluedawn Montana 1st Best Presented (10 entries) 2nd Best bred to type,1st buckskin mare Reserve Champion Buckskin exhibit.



Beaudesert Show We took Bluedawn Montana and Kasban Alove Note

Both were very well behaved .

Montana 1st & Champion Derivative .3rd Buckskin mare.

Bella 2nd purebred mare class.



Brisbane Royal

We took 2 horses..Evangeline VA behaved really well winning her 2 years and under class

Zaddik Desert Dancer placed 9th out of 18 horses in the senior Derivative gelding class..



Marburg Show

We took 2 horses..
Zaddik Desert Dancer & Bluedawn Montana

Danny won 1st Best Present Palomino ,1st & Champion Palomino,1st & Champion Ancillary & went Supreme Dilute ..1st & Champion Arabian Derivative Gelding.

Montana won 1st Best Presented Buckskin ,1st & Champion Buckskin Exhibit.1st & Champion Arabian Derivative Mare and Supreme Arabian Derivative...



Gatton Show
We took 2 horses Zaddik Desert Dancer & Evangeline VA.

Very cold and windy conditions...

Dancer won 1st Palomino Gelding & Reserve Champion Palomino ,2nd Ancillary & Reserve Champion Ancillary.1st Arabian Derivative Gelding ,2nd Best trot...

Eve was 1st Best Presented Palomino,1st & Champion Palomino exhibit ,2nd Arabian derivative.1st Best Head..



Premier A Class Show.
We took 4 horses over the border.. Beautiful weather lovely show..
Some classes were combined ..

S.L The Illusionist 2nd and Reserve Champion Partbred Exhibit to the eventual supreme of the show.
Atribute Champion Arabian Stockhorse Exhibit

Bluedawn Montana Champion Arabian Pony Exhibit.

Zaddik Desert Dancer made his under saddle debut.. first class was with Veronica placing 1st Maiden ,then with myself onboard placed 2nd Newcomer and 2nd Novice... He worked so well... your turn next Ash...






Rosewood Show.

We took 2 horses Evangeline VA & Bluedawn Montana.

Montana behaved beautifully as always with the following placing's 2nd APSB mare, 1st &Champion Buckskin ,1st & Reserve Champion Arabian Derivative.

Eve was shown by Ash with the following placing's 1st & Champion Palomino 1st Arabian derivative under 1yo.



Youngstock Show 

We took 2 fillies ,S.L Coco Chanel for her owner and Evangeline VA..
Both behaved quite well..
Coco won 2nd Buckskin Futurity,3rd Open foal Futurity ,2nd Best Presented Dilute,1st & Buckskin Foal,1st Best Presented Arabian Derivative,2nd Best Trot ,2nd Best Head 2nd & Reserve Champion Arabian Derivative.

This was Eve's first show
Her placing's were... 3rd Palomino Futurity under 2 yo,3rd Best Presented (6 entries)1st... Mane & tail, 2nd Coat colour ,1st Best trot Dilute , 2nd palomino filly foal,2nd Best Presented Arabian Derivative ,1st Best trot derivative, 3rd Arabian derivative filly...



Photo Shoot of Glitz my Rides lovely lycra body suits. The models were Zaddik Desert Dancer and S.L The Illusionist.





Lowood Show we took Bluedawn Montana and Atribute

Montana had a great show winning the All breed Mare under 14hh & Reserve Champion All breed. Supreme Heritage pony,2nd Best Presented Buckskin,1st & Champion Buckskin Mare,2nd & Reserve pure Australian pony.2nd Arabian Derivative mare.

Atribute missed his earlier class .He placed 2nd in his Arabian derivative gelding class...Thank you to our sponsors  Bejeweled Browbands for our lovely new browbands.



The Challenge AA Class Arabian show

We took 3 horses ,9 month old Sierra Lodge Coco Chanel placed 3rd in a very hard class of 3yo & under.

Sierra Lodge The Illusionist 1st & Champion Partbred Stallion/colt...

Atribute 1st & Champion Arabian Stockhorse...





Rocklea Ag Show 

We took 2 horses Zaddik Desert Dancer and Bluedawn Montana It was a cold and windy day ...but we had a really great show...

Dancer 3rd Best Presented Dilute ,1st & Champion Palomino,1st & Champion Ancilliary,1st & Champion Derivative Gelding.

Montana 2nd & Reserve Champion APSB, 1st & Champion Buckskin, Supreme Dilute ,1st & Champion Derivative mare and Supreme Derivative...





We would like to thank our new sponsors for letting us become part of their teams and we are very happy to have you both as a part of our team ...

Bejeweled Browbands & Glitz My Ride both web addresses are on my front page ....

2014 Colourama All breeds show... We took 2 horses along Zaddik Desert Dancer & Bluedawn Montana.

Both had a great day with Montana being named Champion buckskin mare  and many other placing's..

Dancer won 2 Reserve Champions in the palomino & Ancillary ring.1st Best Trot, 2nd Best Presented.
Ash also rode him around the grounds to get him used to being out and about ...they both went beautifully ...Can't wait to see them out competing ...





Our first Show for the year...Summer Show 2014

We took 2 horses Sierra Lodge The Illusionist & Atribute...

Loui behaved beautifully to win his Colt /Stallion class competed against the fillies/mare & geldings to be named Champion Part Arabian exhibit...

Atribute won his class and was Champion Arabian Stockhorse.

The Derivative Supreme lineup was filled with amazing looking horses. The judge chose Loui for her Supreme Derivative...




TOTR 2013
Last show of the season for us... We took 3 horses ..Zaddik Isis our gorgeous cremello mare.this was the first time being away from ours and the breeders farm ..She was the best behaved lady we could have hoped for...Ash showed her to win her class against professional trainers...So very pleased with her...
Atribute our Arabian/Stockhorse gelding competed against a lovely grey to be named 1st & Champion Senior Arabian Stockhorse. This is the first time we have taken him out ,he was so well behaved..
S.L Scarlett O'Hara showed beautifully to be placed 2nd & Reserve Champion...






Dilute Championships
We took Ash's gelding Dancer along ,he was very well behaved. placing in all but 1 class he entered.


October ....2 mares preg tested and positive in foal ...Excalibur Park Jameela  and  Fairview Shaklas El Saayda.

Spring  Affair B class..
We took 2 horses 
Zaddik Desert Dancer worked well for Ash placing in all his classes...

S.L Sculptured In Ice won 1st & Champion 50% Arabian exhibit ,and was 1st and Reserve Champion Part Arabian against a lovely line up of horses...



Beaudesert Show, We took 2 horses S.L Shai-Anna and S.L Sculptured In Ice.
Anna did very well against a lovely line up of mares & geldings to be named 1st Champion Mare/filly and then Supreme Pure Exhibit.
Icey also had a good show show winning Best Presented Dilute 1st & Champion Any Other Dilute ,1st & Reserve Champion Derivative Mare /filly.



Our 3rd foal arrived on Monday the 2nd of Sept. A lovely big palomino colt by Odyssey White Tiger out of Shan-Nelle. He has plenty of bling.SOLD just under a week old to a great home...


Gold Coast A class show. We took 2 horses down ,S.L The Illusionist and S.L Sculptured In Ice.
The Illusionist won his age class and was Champion partbred Stallion/colt 1st Best Head Male.
Sculptured In Ice won her age class and was also Champion Partbred Mare/filly, Icey was also 1st Best trot and 2nd Best Head.



Our first foals have arrived and Best Friends both decided to go early ...Amira foaled a beautiful Black/Bay filly at 4 am on the 14th and then Beauty foaled a gorgeous buckskin filly at 9.44 pm the same day...

RIP Roseglen Shanika (Lilly) This lovely girl passed away for complications after choke... We lost her and her unborn foal...


Fondly known as Lilly ,she was a very typey 75% Arabian. 
Dam of R.Aneiki ,S.L Aphrodite,S.L HallelujahS.L Grace Kelly,S.L Celtic Gold

You/Am 13 . We took 2 horses Sierra Lodge Shai-Anna and Zaddik Desert Dancer.
This was my first show back since hurting my knee after my accident ,very pleased to say all went well and the horses looked after me .... Anna won her class and was named Champion Purebred Exhibit. I also showed Danny in his class for a 3rd placing in a very strong class. Ash showed Anna for a 3rd and Danny for a 3rd again in strong we had a great show...



Gatton Show We took 2 horses Sierra Lodge Shai-Anna  winning her purebred mare class, going Champion and then was named Supreme Champion... Zaddik Desert Dancer won his class ,went Champion Gelding and then competed against the CH mare and Ch stallion to be named Supreme Derivative. in pouring rain...Danny also won his head class and best trot...



Premier A Class show.. We took The Illusionist & Dancer down to Murwillumbah .We had a great show with both boys being very well behaved... Dancer won his part bred gelding class .Loui won his 3 y& under class ,then competed for Champion winning that .Supreme was next wit ha stunning line up of horses most being already Supreme champions before .The judge Doyle Dertell picked Loui ..So very pleased this is our 3rd Supreme derivative win at this show in a row... ...the first 2 were with our lovely pally stallion Legacy (Dec).



June/July  we say farewell to some favourites and welcome to a few new additions to our family...
Skye headed off to SA , Arten to Tassie,Phantom leaves very soon ,Obi (S.L Golden Obsession) heads off as does S.L Dark Angel..All these horses have been part of our family and we wish their new owners all the best with them...
We welcome Niarla Alpine Mist, Niarla Evening Twilight , Allyndah Egyptian can see these new girls in the mare pages...we look forward to seeing how these lovely girls click with our stallions...and their gorgeous foals to come...

The Challenge AA Arabian show. We took 3 horses ,S,L The Ilusionist,S.L Lady Elyssia & Zaddik Desert Dancer.
The judge wasn't a fan of the cremello colour ,but you get that from time to time...Elyssia worked well placing 3rd ,The Illusionist was 2nd & went Reserve Champion part bred yearling colt. Dancer was 2nd in his gelding class and 2nd with Ash showing him in her youth class against lovely competition.




Esk Ag Show .We took Ashleigh's gelding Zaddik Desert Dancer .They had a great show with winning 1st ,Ch & Supreme Palomino Exhibit against the Ch Stallion & Ch mare.Then in the derivative ring competing with the stallions they won a very strong class of 5  including 2 stallions... then competed against the younger colt to win Champion Derivative Male..Well done to you both...xx.



Gala A Class
We took 2 horses The lovely S.L Scarlett O'Hara ,she gained Top 5 in a very strong class of Yearling Partbreds.
And Ash's gelding Zaddik Desert Dancer made his showing debut  taking everything in his stride also winning a Top 5 ...




Our last show with the beautiful S.L Sugar N Spice before she leaves for her new home.
We took her to Marburg Show , She was such a sweetheart and won her 3 years & under Derivative class against lovely fillies...


S.L Shai-Anna and her talented rider Veronica Mortimer.Winning Reserve Champion Rider over 30. Anna was a Finalist in Australian Pleasure,Finalist Mare ridden by Youth,Finalist in 2 Dressage tests,Finalist in Golden Spur(ridden to music),Finalist Ridden Mare .So very proud of them Anna has only been under saddle for 12 months...


February 19th 2013
Roseglen Golden Legacy was put down due to attacking me while I was lunging him...I owe my life to my daughter Ashleigh who heard me and distracted him long enough for me to get away...Had 2 operations to mend holes in my leg where he grabbed me and shook me like a ragdoll....It is going to be a long recovery on the muscles of my leg..
Legacy was an amazing show stallion but something switched off that day and he was no longer my gorgeous show boy...I will miss him dearly but could never of trusted him ..



Roseglen Golden Legacy
 Palomino 93.8% arabian stallion.He is by (Multi Supreme Champion)Chevralea Golden Saiedii out of the lovely Marja Zute.
Legacy is a multi Supreme Champion at only his 2nd show.
Legacy was named Grand Champion Junior Exhibit at his first Dilute Championships held in Oct 08.
Legacy was Champion part Arabian Brisbane Royal 09.
2011 Top 10 Australian Arabian Championships.
2011 Supreme Derivative ,Northern Rivers Premier A class show.
2012 Supreme Derivative Toowoomba Royal
2012 Champion Senior Partbred Gala  A class
2012 Champion Partbred AA class The Challenge show
2012 Supreme Derivative Northern Rivers Premier A class
2012 Champion Derivative Stallion Brisbane Royal

Well finally I can announce our exciting news ,We are very thrilled to announce the purchase of Arabino Alchemy .Alchemy is the highest Part Arabian Stallion in Australia being 98.4% Arabian..He has a lovely pedigree, height and movement...When bred to pure arabian mares those resulting foals will be over 99 % arabian ...and hopefully coloured... Many thanks go to his breeder Dallas McMillan for allowing us to have Alchemy come join our stud...We look forward to seeing how he produces ,keep an eye out in the showring for a new golden boy...


Well our last show for the season..We took 3 horses & Veronica took up Anna.
Saturday was derivatives ,a hot dry day..Roseglen Golden Legacy worked fairly well to be 1st & Reserve Senior Partbred ,also we were Champion Amateur Exhibit.
S.L Scarlett O'Hara was 1st & Reserve Junior Partbred .
S.L Ice Crusader was named Champion Junior Arabian Pony Exhibit.
Sunday saw the weather freezing and blowing a gale...
S.L Shai-Anna & I won 1st & Champion Straight Egyptian mare,1st Amateur SE/ER .
She was a tad naughty in her first ridden class then settled down to place 2nd.She was 2nd in her Western Pleasure class.She placed 2nd in her Show Hunter with good entries and went on to be be Reserve Champion Show Hunter.






Some very exciting news to be released shortly...We hope to be taking the stud and our very high percent Arabians to a new level...

Zamsara Bint Mahabi


Zamsara Bint Mahabi" Chestnut pure arabian mare by Mahabi El Shaklan out of  Zadira both parents Australian Champions.. With much sadness we report that this beautiful girl had to be put down 11.9.12 due to a Twisted bowel.

El Aseel Contessa foaled a lovely colt but decided she didn't like him after 3 days of taking her into him to get a drink whilst being held ...A lovely Foster mum became available.Her name is Rosie and she sadly had to have her filly put down...She has bonded so well with our colt and appreciate her owner Rebecca allowing Rosie to come live with us for a while...


First foal for the season .a stunning cremello filly By Odyssey White Tiger out of Shan-Nelle .This gorgeous girl is 85.95% arabian and is the highest cremello filly in Australia...


2012 Horse Of The Year
 Sierra Lodge Shai-Anna competed at the HOTY .Veronica & Anna were awarded Champion Newcomer, Champion Purebred Mare ,Smartest On Parade and 5th Mitavite Cup out of 18 entries.Thank you so much Veronica...


Gold Coast A class show
We took 2 horses Sierra Lodge The Illusionist & Excalibur Park Jameela,Veronica bought down Sierra Lodge Shai-Anna.
not many photos as my camera battery died.
S.L The Illusionist won his partbred colt class and was named Champion Partbred Stallion /colt.
E.P Jameela won her partbred filly class and competing against the winner of the older mare class with her taking out Champion Part Mare.
Anna had a brilliant show showing that she is very versatile winning the following 1st & Reserve led Mare,1st Classic head,1st ridden mare,1st Australian Pleasure,1st Working Stock,1st Costume,3rd Bridle Path Hack,3rd English Pleasure


A very long day for Ash & myself at the Ekka. We took the palomino stallion Roseglen Golden Legacy & our palomino yearling filly Sierra Lodge Scarlett O'Hara .And Veronica Mortimer bought in Scarlett's mum the beautiful Sierra Lodge Shai-Anna.

Shai-Anna placed 2nd in both her led & ridden class, looking amazing as always ...:) she had lovely competition..

Scarlett was next with winning the Junior Derivative filly class and named Champion Mare /filly .The older mare class had a beautiful lineup of 9 horses.
Roselgen Golden Legacy was on his toes to win the older Stallion class and then went on to be named Champion Derivative Stallion.

Supreme Line up saw Scarlett ,Legacy & a gorgeous Black gelding compete..The judge picked Scarlett with me showing her for the first time :).Very proud of my pretty girl ,she was the baby of the whole derivative section...Scarlett is by Odyssey White Tiger.




EA Champion of Champions
Shai-Anna beautifully ridden by Veronica Mortimer  did 3 ridden classes for 3 firsts
S.L Shai-Anna also won Reserve Champion Show Hunter Galloway.


Gatton Show we took 2 horses ,The WB filly Dreamweaver & Excalibur Park Jameela. Both were quite fresh after some bad weather through the week...Dreamweaver placed 2nd in her WB filly class.Jameela won her part arabian class and was Champion Mare/filly,1st Best Presented Dilute,1st & Champion Dilute.

We took 3 horses down to Northern Rivers Premier Show held at Murwillumbah.
S.L Sugar N Spice worked well to win her class 7 be named Champion Arabian Pony .
S.L Shai-Anna worked so well for Veronica gaining 1st led mare, 1st Newcomer Mare,1st Open Mare Champion Ridden Mare, 3rd Show Hunter.
Roseglen Golden Legacy had another great show winning his class then Champion Partbred ,then went onto be Supreme Champion Derivative against a stunning lineup of horses...We received lovely plaques for Champion plus gift bag ,for Supreme we received A lovely Garland ,Rug and a Bronze Arabian head trophy.
We also combined to win Champion Amateur Handler...




Logan Village Dressage Day
S.L Shai-Anna made her debut placing 5th with 60% ...Well done to Veronica & Miss Anna.

Rosewood Show.We took Dreamweaver (Warmblood Filly) out she won her class then beat the stallion to win Champion Warmblood Exhibit...


Kalbar Ag Show ,Veronica took Shai-Anna out to Kalbar Ag for us ...She won the judges heart and was named Supreme Champion purebred.She also won 2nd in her ridden class and 2nd & Reserve Champion Galloway hack...Well done Veronica .


Lowood Ag Show.
We braved wet conditions taking Excalibur Park Jameela & new girl Dreamweaver (Warmblood)
Jameela had another great show...Winning Champion Allbreed Mare under 14hh,Champion Derivative Mare/filly ,Champion Any Other Dilute...
Dreamweaver behaved so well for her first ever outing...Winning her class and being named Champion Warmblood mare/filly .



Esk Show B class
We took out 2 horses & Veronica bought out Shai-Anna.
S.L Sugar N Spice 1st ,Champion & Supreme Buckskin Exhibit competing against some lovely horses.
S.L Shai-Anna 1st purebred mare, Champion pure mare then Supreme Exhibit competing against Ch stallion.1st ridden purebred (no champion class)
Our first time showing Excalibur Park Jameela (Pixie) since her joining our stud...and what an entrance she made...
1st Any Other Dilute,Champion... 1st ,Champion Derivative mare beating top competition,Supreme Champion Derivative ,Then later competing for Supreme All breed Mare of The Show with 5 judges ..She won this then competing for Supreme Exhibit of The Show going against the Supreme Stallion ,Supreme Gelding she was again picked ...This little girl is only a yearling..
We received 5 lovely Supreme sashes,4 trophies,.A long Rosette ,$120 in prizemoney, and feed supplements..We also went in the Grand Parade....  photos to come soon.




The Challenge AA Class .
Very busy we took up 5 horses & Veronica bought up S.L Shai-Anna.
We had a brilliant show with the following results
S.L Ice Crusader 1st Arabian Pony Colt
S.L Sugar N Spice 2nd & Reserve Champion Arabian Pony Female
S.L Scarlett O'Hara 1st Partbred Filly
S.L The Illusionist 1st Partbred Colt
Roseglen Golden Legacy 2nd Amateur Handler ,1st Champion Partbred Stallion/colt
S.L Shai-Anna 1st Novice ridden ,1st Intermediate,1st Open Mare ,1st Ladies/gents ridden mare, Champion Novice purebred & Champion purebred Mare under saddle...
We won 3 lovely rugs,$75 ,A service to Natham Park Ad'amant ,and a bag of feed..
All horses behaved brilliantly... S.L Dark Knight won Reserve Champion Stallion/Colt for his owners ..Well done... photos to come soon..




The Gala A class
We took 4 horses up 
S .L Shai-Anna placed 3rd Newcomer purebred,3rd Maiden pure mare & 2nd Intermediate against a good line up of lovely horses.Thank you to Veronica Mortimer for brilliant job riding her.
S.L Scarlett O'Hara placed 2nd in her 1 year & under class being the baby of the group she did extremely well.
S.L Sugar N Spice placed 2nd in her Arabian Pony 1year & under class.
Roseglen Golden Legacy won his class and went onto be Champion Senior Exhibit.He was also Top 5 50% derivative...





Thank you to A& K Gossow Embroidery for their lovely designs on our shirts and Jackets...


Exciting news for our stud.... we are pleased to announce the sale and future export to France, of 'The Phantom of Sierra' - 90.6% Partbred Arabian Cremello Colt. A huge congratulations to the new owners of Phantom, and thank-you for the faith shown in our breeding program


New arrival
We welcome Excalibur Park Jameela 82.3% perlino yearling filly..Pixie as she is known is a gorgeous filly ..she is so sweet ,we look forward to getting her out to a few shows up here......


First show of the Season Toowoomba Royal
We took 2 horses up ..S.L Sugar N Spice & Roseglen Golden Legacy..
Suger N Spice won her Arabian pony filly class against 2 other lovely ponies and then went on to be Reserve Champion Arabian Pony..
Legacy won his class then went against the other derivatives for Champion ..Legacy took this out....Then with myself showing we competed for the Supreme Title...Much to my suprise we won this as well... against extremely good competition...
Judge : Jennifer Saunders 



Below.... Designed In Gold with her new mum :)


S.L Designed In Gold being presented as a Surprise birthday present...
Her new mum was so excited...We wish her all the best with her...

29.2.12 All the foals have been weaned and some will be heading off to their new homes shortly..I am sure you are going to love them as much as we do...
our 2012 showteam has been picked ...We look forward to getting them out and about...Scarlett O'Hara, The Illusionist,Sugar N Spice,Shai-Anna,Legacy& the latest arrival Excalibur Park Jameela..
The mares are back in foal and first options are now being taken on their special babies ,if you have one you may like please contact me..

Wishing all our Friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

8th & 9th Foal have arrived...
Brampton Satin Doll foaled a gorgeous cremello colt at 10 past 7 in the morning..
Last to foal was Sierra Lodge Shai-Anna and wasn't this one worth waiting for..A stunning palomino filly ,exactly what we expected from this cross... Anna foaled 9.30 in the morning ...



TOTR A Class show.
We took up 3 horses .Maf-Ue Classic Beauty won her 2 yo filly class and went on to be named Champion SE mare/Filly against a lovely line up of fillies & mares..El Aseel Venom 2nd SE Stallion class & 1st  10 to 15yo  Stallion class.S.L Sugar N Spice won her yearling AP class ..




6th & 7 th foals born 21.10.11
Roseglen Shaanice delivered a lovely cremello colt just after midnight after a few dramas all going well... We have named him The Sorcerer.
3.30 in the afternoon Roseglen Sadeika foaled a stunning cremello colt...We have named him The Illusionist..



5th foal born ..16.10.11 Cremello filly 80.4% She is a very pretty filly sire is Odyssey White Tiger, dam is the maiden mare Zaddik Isis...Isis is doing an excellent job...This is the 2 foal combining Odyssey White Tiger over a A. Excalibur daughter ..really pleased with this cross......


We travelled over the border to attend the Premier Show held at Murwillumbah...What a lovely showground...We took Maf-Ue Classic Beauty & El-Aseel Venom on the Saturday...Very wet condition saw Beauty win her class and go onto Champion SE Mare /Filly..and place 2nd in the 2yo purebred filly class ..great effort as there were 5 fillies entered..Venon won his class and was Reserve Champion SE and 1st & Reserve Champion purebred Stallion...
The Sunday was beautiful weather..we took down S.L Sugar N Spice & Roseglen Golden Legacy...Sugar N Spice won class and went Champion AP against a lovely older mare and the stallion...But it was Legacy's day...He looked marvelous and worked brilliantly...He won his class competed against the mare and won Champion Part bred..Then competed against top company for the Supreme Derivative of the Show award which he was awarded...He won a lovely Woolen Rug ,a bronze Arabian head statue,and big Garland.. Each of the Champion recieved a bronze plaque and some lovely prizes done up in gift bags...Very well done...




3rd &4th foals were born 26.9 & 27.9 an hour apart...
 Although Misty Morn is sold, she foaled here before leaving ..a very tall cremello filly...
Next was R.Shanika foaled another amazing filly,this time palomino ..we have named this tall girl "S.L Grace Kelly"...



We took S.L Sugar N Spice ..She was a sweetheart as usual..She won 2nd Best Presented (8 entries) 1st Best Trot (8 entries),1st yearling buckskin filly ,Champion Buckskin Junior Mare/filly...


Spring Affair
We took 2 horses .S.L Sugar N Spice won her AP/ARP class, looking a picture...and El-Aseel Venom made his return to the showring placing well in a strong stallion class...He behaved beautifully as I showed him myself after Richard being unable to attend..



Beaudesert Show
We took our lovely SE filly Amira So'dah ,this was the first time being shown..She was such a wel behaved girl..She won her class and went Reserve Champion...


10.9.11 ...2nd foal for the season.a lovely 96.9% chestnut filly ..sire Roseglen Golden Legacy  dam Elrebel Dreamweaver.Mum & bub going well.


Gold Coast Show
We took S.L Superstition.He had a great show winning his class and  Champion Part Arabian Stallion/Colt. I also took him in for Best Derivative Head which he also won...


First Foal for 2011. A stunning cremello colt .Socrates is 77.35% arabian.Sire is Legends of Excalibur Dam is S.L Lady Rihanna.


Brisbane Royal
We took 2 horses along ..Designed In Gold  won many admirers...She also won her 2 & under Derivative female class against a very strong line up of horses ,with 6 or so entries there was only one other her age the rest were 2yo...
Roseglen Golden Legacy our 4yo stallion placed 3rd amongst top company .with 7/8 entries competing...



We welcome Amira So'dah yearling black Straight Egyptian filly.Amira is by Shados Shetahn out of Rothlynne Karess.Amira has the sweetest nature making her a pleasure to work with..She is also blessed with good legs ,feet and brilliant movement...We look forward to watching Amira mature .Thanks goes to Ken Morgan for parting with Amira...


A bit of a change for us here at Sierra Lodge. We welcome 4 new four legged friends...
"El-Aseel Venom" Grey (born black) SE stallion ,By El Damascus (IID US) out of Valour Saphina (US).Venom has Height Temperament,Type and Movement...He will be standing at stud this season to Select mares.He will be shown later this season.
"Zamsara Bint Mahabi" Chestnut pure arabian mare by Mahabi El Shaklan out of  Zadira both parents Australian Champions.. Zamsara is a lovely older mare that has produced some stunning foals.She was shown when she was younger..
Her daughter "El-Aseel Contessa" bay purebred Egyptian Related mare.By El-Damascus.Very tall and pretty ,she will join our showteam.
and last but not least is "El-Aseel Sagira" dark bay SE mare by El -Damascus out of a Anaza El Nizr mare..

Rosewood Show
We took 2 lovely ladies along...The numbers were low in the purebreds Maf-ue Classic Beauty won her class ,competed against the older mare .Beauty was named Champion Mare & then went on to be "Supreme Pure Exhibit"..
Shan-Nelle Shown by Ash won her mare class and was named Champion Partbred Mare /filly against some lovely presented horses...



Gala A class Arabian show
We braved wet conditions to take 2 horses along ..S.l Superstition gained  Top 5 in the largest halter class of day.So pleased with his effort.S.L Sugar N spice made her debut to the larger Arabian show..Didn't she love the hype... she showed how well she can move and behaved beautifully for me ,receiving Reserve Champion Arabian Pony against some lovely ponies.



Lowood Show
We took 2 lovely ladies to this show.Shan-nelle was shown by my daughter Ash she worked very well for her gaining 2-2nds and a Reserve Champion.
Maf-Ue Classic Beauty won her class then competed against a half sister to her the winner of the older mare class for Champion..Beauty won this. Then had to compete against the Champion Gelding for the Supreme . Beauty was named Supreme Purebred Exhibit ...Very pleased with this as her older full sister won this prize 2 years running ...



Esk Show
We took 2 lovely girls out to Esk.. Shan-Nelle made her return to the showring with ease winning Champion Part Arabian Mare & Champion Palomino Mare.S.L Sugar N Spice won Champion Buckskin Junior and a 2nd in her Arabian Derivative class.



Marburg Show
We took Ash's little princess S.L Sugar N Spice out for her first show ..She was a darling to prepare.She won her derivative filly class and also gained a 3rd in her part Welsh class which was mare /gelding any age ,with 5 in the class it was a great effort for her as she is only 6 months old.


 We had a great day at The Challenge Show ,After a drama prior to her class our Weanling palomino filly "S.L Designed In Gold" placed 2nd & Reserve Champion partbred mare/filly against a lovely line up of older horses."S.L Superstition" our yearling black partbred colt next also placing 2nd  & being named Reserve Champion Partbred Stallion /colt ,Last but not least was "Roseglen Golden Legacy "our 3 year old partbred stallion winning the 2 years & over stallion /colt class...Against a very strong line up of stallions..We would like to thank all that helped our filly and to Steve & Barbara Andrews for doing a great job on the sidelines with Legacy. .Thank you...:)



Toowoomba Royal
We took our 2 lovely fillies up to Toowoomba Royal.Maf-ue Classic Beauty won her 3 & under purebred class and went on to be Champion Mare/filly.
S.L Designed In Gold worked really well to win her 3 & under class.then had to compete against the older mare ,stallion and the winners of A/stockhorse,A/warmblood & Quarab for Champion ..Desi has she is known was named Champion Exhibit.A really huge effort considering she is only 6 months old and the others were lovely mature horses..



Australian Arabian Championships
We took 2 horses down to Tamworth .They travelled brilliantly,Roseglen Golden Legacy gained Top 10 Partbred 2&3 yo colt ,gelding ,filly. Superstition although working really well didn't place..He had many admirers throughout the show...Always next time...Here are a few photos ..



2011 Summer Show
We had a great start to the season .taking 2 horses up to the Summer show..Both first timers .S.L Designed In Gold weanling part bred filly won her 3 & under class against some lovely older fillies.S.L Superstition behaved beautifully winning the part Stallion /colt class..It was great to catch up with good friends..



Shortly we will welcome back a lovely mare to our paddocks..She is the multi Supreme winning palomino mare Shan-Nelle...I owned this mare from weaning till she was around 5 or 6 ,then I sold her to some  dear friends .I have leased her a few times which produced our stunning boys Legends of Excalibur.Legends of The Seeker (sold).She will arrive after weaning the palomino full brother to these boys..Elle will be bred to Odyssey White Tiger this coming season..


Jan 2011, well what a start to the new Year...So much sadness and loss..Our thoughts go out to all that have suffered through the floods in Qld..RIP for those that lost their lives....on the home front, we were flooded in for a few days ,lost power and a was bit low on supplies.but ourselves and all of our horses were safe up on our hill..thank goodness ,it did give us a few scares though...


Happy New Year to all...We are very excited about this years foal crop ..with my top show mares being confirmed in foal..A few first options are still available .Have a look through Foal Gallery and if you see anything you like then drop me an email and we can get your name beside these stunning babies...We have big plans for a busy show season with Designed in Gold & Superstition making their showing debuts shortly.

Here is S.L Sarbreena just unloaded and being presented as a Christmas present to her excited new owners..Bree is a sweetheart and we wish you all the best with her...


December saw 4 horses heading to their new homes..We wish the new owners all the best with them...Farewell Squidly,Olly,Deeno & Bree we will miss you...

We welcome Brampton Satin Doll to Sierra Lodge...She is a gorgeous Arabian pony mare...also registered Pure Welsh and DA.


TOTR  A class show..We had planned to take 3 horses but due to a couple of small injuries we only took our lovely bay SE filly ...She did us very proud ,winning her yearling class and going Reserve Champion to the older mare who went on to be named Supreme...interesting that both are by Maf-Ue Shaienne...


The lovely pinto mare Charmz that my daughter use to show, foaled a beautiful palomino/pinto filly for her lucky owners...We wish you all the best with her..Sire is Odyssey White credit .D Stanley.


The lovely mare SE Rothlynne Kadeena after being unable to find a dam for her after she was DNA'd...has been de-registered and now made a partbred.. So also making her lovely colt S.L Superstition I bred by Maf-Ue Shaienne is also now a partbred ..which is so very disappointing...I had such big plans for him...


We welcome back "Rothlynne Just A Skite " Chestnut SE mare .She is the dam of our beautiful S.L Shai-Anna & Maf-ue Classic Beauty.
She is foal for a full sibling to these lovely girls...


Gala Arabian Show
We took 2 horses .Roseglen Golden Legacy & Thorwood Meerkat.
Both horses behaved well gaining 1st place in their classes...



Lowood Show
We braved the damp conditions to have a good show ,we took Thorwood Meerkat & S.L Shai-Anna...
Kat had another great show winning All Breeds Champion Gelding under 14hh.
1st Best Presented ,1st & Champion Buckskin Gelding
1st & Champion Derivative gelding
2nd Riding pony Gelding.
S.L Shai-Anna won her Pure Arabian mare 3y &over class was Champion Mare and went onto be Supreme Purebred Exhibit...

Esk Show
We took 2 horses S.L Tigerlily & Thorwood Meerkat..
We had a great  show...It was Tigerlily's first show...She did us very proud..
She won her 1 & under palomino class beating a lovely colt.Went onto be Champion mare then was named Supreme Champion Palomino..In the arabian ring she won her age class then was named Reserve Champion....
Thorwood Meerkat won his buckskin gelding class also went Champion buckskin .then beating a beautiful stallion he was named Supreme Champion Buckskin...In his arabian class he placed 2nd in a large class. ..



Ipswich Show
Ash took her lovely Buckskin pony Gelding Thorwood Meerkat along ,he won his Riding Pony gelding class ,behaving very well for her first time showing him...Photos to come shortly.. Well done Ash both looked great out there... :)


The Challenge
We took 2 horses up to Toowoomba ...Sil had a good show gaining Top 5 in our Amateur Handler class ,she also won her partbred filly 2 & under 3 class.
Legacy won his Amateur Class and placed 2nd in his 2 & over Colt or Stallion class...

Pan Pacific A Class Arabian show
We took Roseglen Golden Legacy .he behaved extremely well winning his class and going on to be named Reserve Champion Part Arabian Exhibit...


Toowoomba Royal 2010
We took 2 horses up this year .S.L Shai-Anna & N.Golden Silhouette..
Anna received a 2nd in the purebred filly 3 & under.
Silhouette won her class then for the Champion class the judge said Sil looked lame and she was excused from the ring before judging commenced..Which is such a shame as she looked great.....




Thorwood Meerkat .taken by his owner Ashleigh McClelland

A new Arrival coming soon..
Very please to announce that Maf-Ue Classic Beauty will be calling Sierra Lodge home shortly..
She is a full sister to our highly acclaimed S.L Shai-Anna...
We would like to thank Tom & Patti of Maf-ue Arabians for allowing us to purchase this special girl...


2010 first show for the Season..
Summer Show A class
We took 3 horses to a very muddy Caboolture ..
Roseglen Golden Legacy won his part arabian class and went on to being named Champion Part Arabian for the 2nd year running competing against some lovely horses...
Brampton Park Squire won his Arabian Pony class ..He behaved beautifully for his first show out with us...
Thorwood Meerkat won his Arabian Riding pony class also behaving very well.
No photos though as it was just so wet..

A New Arrival
We welcome Brampton Park Squire .He is a multi Supreme Champion perlino pony stallion.standing 12.3hh.It will be fun to bring him out to the QLD show scene...Keep an eye out for him in 2010.


Top Of The Range A class show.
We took 4 horses,Shai-Anna had a great show winning her SE class,Champion Mare/filly then was named Supreme Straight Egyptian Exhibit against top competition.
Silhouette did really well too,winning her class then was named Reserve champion part arabian exhibit,We also won Amateur owner female derivative and went onto be Champion Amateur owner .
Legacy won his class.
Meerkat placed 2nd in his ARP class.He was also 3rd Dual registered with 7 entries.


Dilute Championships
This was my daughters pony geldings first show for us,He was such an angel to show.He did very well.
2nd Best presented
3rd Best Trot (10 entries)
4th Best Bred to Type( 14 entries)
2nd & Reserve Champion Buckskin gelding


Gold Coast 'A' class show.
We took 2 horses S.L Shai-Anna and making his debut Poede Black Knight.
Anna won her 3yo filly class and was named Reserve Champion purebred mare/filly. she also placed 2nd in her most classic head.
Black Knight won his class & was named Champion Partbred Stallion /colt.He was extremely well behaved...



Brisbane Royal
We took 3 horses,Sierra Lodge Shai-Anna placed 2nd & Reserve Champion in the 3yo & over to the eventual Supreme champion Pure Exhibit.
Niarla Golden Silhouette also placed 2nd & Reserve Champion in the 2yo & under to the eventual Supreme Derivative.
Roseglen Golden Legacy won his 2yo & under class and went on to be Champion Derivative Stallion.colt.




YoAm Show 09
Ash took Charmz along she worked well for her gaining 2 -3rds.


Welcomed a new member to our 4 legged family,He is the adorable buckskin gelding Thorwood Meerkat.Kat has been chosen as Ashleigh's new show pony ..He has been shown at some top shows down in Victoria doing extremely well.Including 2nd & Reserve Champion Buckskin Male @ Melbourne Summer Royal 09.
We would like to thank Amanda and Sophie for letting Meerkat come to Qld..


Gatton Show
We took Shai-Anna and Charmz ,Anna competed against some lovely horses to win her 3 & under class,then went on to be Champion Mare/filly.
The Supreme went to Shai-Anna competing against the champion gelding.There were no stallions. She also won Most Classic head again.
Charmz won her pinto mare class,2nd in youth under 17,2nd part arabian mare and Reserve Champion Partbred mare.judge Sheree Edwards.


Laidley Show
We took 2 horses Shai-Anna and Charmz. Shai-Anna had a great show again,winning 1st Classic head,1st mare 3 & under, Champion Mare/filly,then going on to be named Supreme Champion Purebred Exhibit.
Charmz is getting better with each show.with Ash showing her.She won her derivative mare over 14hh class.Then competed against some top ponies to be named Champion Derivative Mare /filly .there was no supreme class at this show for partbred. judge Jennifer Saunders

Gala Arabian Show
We took 2 horses Sil and Charmz.
Sil had a great show winning her partbred  1 & under class.Then competing against top company to be awarded Champion Partbred Exhibit...Receiving a beautiful garland.
Charmz worked well to be awarded 2nd her class. Judge Glen Jacobs (Qatar)


Lowood Show
We took S.L Shai-Anna and our pinto mare Charmz.
Anna had a great day showing being awarded 1st ,Champion and going onto be Supreme Champion Purebred against top quality horses.
Charmz was awarded  1st  & Champion Part Arabian mare...



Ipswich Show
We took Charmz for her first show,she was a tad nervous but worked and stood up well.
She won her class...


The Challenge State 'AA' show
We took 3 horses
Niarla Golden Silhouette won her class and was named Champion Part arabian mare/filly.
Roseglen Golden Legacy won his class and was named  Champion Part Arabian Stallion/colt.
Aratahnes Excalibur won his stallion class. judge Karen Woelms WA)


Pan Pacific "A" Class show 09
We took 2 horses ,Niarla Golden Silhouette and Roseglen Golden Legacy.
Sil won her 1 and under filly class against some lovely fillies.
Legacy placed 2nd in his partbred colt 1 and under also against some lovely colts.
Then Sil was awarded Champion Partbred Exhibit against some stunning part arabians.Receiving a lovely sash ,trophy and plague.

Toowoomba Royal 09
We took Sil & Legacy.
Palomino ring .
Legacy won 1st Best presented,1st colt under 3 and Reserve Champion Junior.
Sil placed 2nd in her filly class.
Arabian Ring
Sil won 1st in her class, Champion part arabian then went on to be Supreme Derivative.
Legacy won his class ,then was Reserve Champion to Sil.
Judges palomino Helen Dohan-Arabian Debbie Taylor Theis


Colourama 09
We took 2 horses along Ashleigh showing Sil for the first time gaining
Legacy decided to be naughty for me so only gained a 2nd...



Summer Show 09
We only took 1 horse to this show.Roseglen Golden Legacy had a great day winning his partbred class then going onto to win Champion Partbred against some stunning horses...Receiving a sash and a  rug..
Judge:Jill Thexton


I am very happy to show my new towing car .I just love the Landcruisers.I miss my old one...
This girl is a 2003 V8 auto...
Also just purchased is my lovely new float .The horses certainly enjoyed the luxury...


We travelled to Sydney with 2 yearlings N. Golden Silhouette and R. Golden Legacy.They both travelled excellent.
Silhouette gained Top 5 yearling partbred filly and Legacy won Reserve Champion yearling partbred colt.
The weather was extremely hot and dry... Legacy .pic credit Tracey Bavinton.


Update on Angel.
February .....Angel is back to her normal sweet natured self,all continuing to go well will be bred to Tiger later this season..


S.L Palomede's owner Fiona sent us a photo of him learning how to bow at a John Chatterton clinic...Isn't he doing well..

Sad News:
S.L Dark Angel. started to foal on the 22nd Dec,only to realise the her foal was upside down and the ears presenting first,its nose tucked onto its neck.The vet was on his way.After trying to re-position it to no avail ,we helped get it out ,It took ages ,We finally got its head out it was already dead.We could feel the knees they were both bent up basically just under her rump.Again what took a long time we got out both front legs still bent .Once we got to mid ribs its  hips were stuck on Angels pelvic rim.By this time Angel was buggered and her contractions were very slow.One last effort we got it out.It was a lovely palomino filly (full sister to S.L Galeshin and S.L Esmeree'.)
Angel had gone into shock.,her gum colour was not good ,her eyes glazed ..the vet finally arrived .very relieved that we were able to get it out as normally it does not have a good outcome for either mare or foal..
Angel was given lots of drugs to help her, She was flushed ..she will remain on high medication for a while,By the time the vet left her colour was good and she was much better in herself considering.
Will keep you updated on her progress.

More New Arrivals
They are a little different for here,but they caught my eye  as they were both stunning.
Please meet Charmz and her black colt by black Straight Egyptian stallion Shado's Shetahn who I have admired for quite a while.
With breeding Charmz to our cremello boys we will get either
pally or pally pinto ,no solid colours.
We would like to thank Jeanette Poede of Poede Arabians for allowing us to purchase both of these lovely horses
photo credit  of Charmz .Sharon Meyers
Photo below :P.Black Knight's sire Shado's Shetahn owned & bred by Rosecliffe Arabians.




We are pleased with the purchase of a 94.5% palomino arabian filly,Kharinyah's Golden Mist.Misty will arive here after being weaned.We hope to have her out to a few larger shows throughout 2009.


2008 Floods
19.11.08 we had over 8 inches of rain in a few hours ,it caused alot of flooding in the area including our front paddock flats and our driveway which had only been finished the Saturday before.We lost our boundary fences. but all of our horses were safe and the water did recede quickly.


Finally the new stables are almost finished ,just needs a bit of painting done.



Dilute Championships
We took Roseglen Golden Legacy ,He had a great day.Winning Best Presented with 6 other lovely palominos in the class.He won his yearling colt class,then competing against the older stallion won Champion Palomino .Next up was Grand Champion Junior Exhibit,which was Legacy ,the Champion mare and the Champion Gelding.Legacy won this .He received a lovely bronze plaque  and sashes.


Top Of The Range 'A' Class show
We took 4 horses the first day was purebreds .My SE filly S.L Shai-Anna won 1st and Champion Mare/filly.
Sunday was the Derivatives .Roseglen Golden Legacy won his colt  class,Niarla Golden Silhouette placed second in her filly class,Scally won the Stallion class.but the highlight of the show was the Scally son Niarla Alaskan Prince being sashed Supreme Derivative.Judge Adam King.

A Spring Affair "B "class show
We took 2 horses Roseglen Shaanice (Missy) & Roseglen Golden Legacy.
Missy placed 2nd in her 3 & under class part arabian mare, competing with top company.Legacy won his yearling part arabian class  ,he then took out Champion Part Arabian Exhibit against the winner of Missy's class.

We would like to thank Sharon Blums for leasing us Roseglen Shanika for the 08/09 season,she is an aunty to our cremello filly Roseglen Shaanice(Missy).She is being bred to Legends of Excalibur for either a cremello or palomino foal.


We took 3 horses,S.L Shai-Anna ,Niarla Golden Silhouette and A. Excalibur.
Shai-anna won her under 3 yo purebred filly class,then went on to win Best under 3 yo exhibit competing against some beautiful horses.
Receiving a lovely sash and Trophy.
Silhouette had a great day,She won her under 2 class,then went Champion mare against a lovely older mare,she then had to compete against Champion stallion and Champion Gelding for Supreme ,Silhouette was awarded Supreme Derivative of the show.Receiving a beautiful Garland, sashes and trophies.
Scally worked very well but we don't think the judge knew quite what to make of him and placed him 7th in a strong line up.but you do get that from time to time. Judge: Princess Teresa 'd Borbon of Spain


We took 2 horses to Gatton Niarla Golden Silhouette and Tink.Silhouette placed 2nd in a large class for Best presented palomino,placed 2nd in her palomino filly class.In the arabian ring she won her class and was named Champion part arabian mare/filly beating the palomino mare that had taking out Supreme in the palomino ring.She also won best head.
Tink gain 2 -2nds in her classes..Judge :J Saunders

Laidley Ag 08
We took S.L Shai-Anna,she placed 2nd Best Presented pure arabian,1st and Champion pure arabian mare competing against some lovely older mares...
She won Most Classic Head and placed 2nd in Classic trot.


We took 2 horses It was Odyssey White Tigers first show and he did us proud bringing home 1st & Champion part arabian male.
Tink-belle won her part arabian mare class working well for Ashleigh...

Gala "A" class Arabian show.
We took 2 entries Niarla Golden Silhouette and S.L Shai-Anna.
Silhouette won 2nd in strong class of horses 1yo &under partbred,with all the horses almost 2yo.So we are very pleased with our girl..
Shai-Anna won Top 5 in the yearling filly purebred class,against top class females.


We took 2 horses to the show.S.L Tinka-Belle & Roseglen Golden Legacy.
Tink won her palomino mare/filly class and was awarded Reserve Champion Palomino.She also won 1st partbred mare/filly.
Legacy had a great show being awarded 1st ,Champion and Supreme Palomino.In the arabian ring he received  1st ,Champion and again taking out Supreme Exhibit.Both times competing against top class horses....

Youngstock  Show
We attended this show with 3 horses.
Roseglen Golden Legacy won 5th in his Futurity under 2 class.It was a good result as the first 4 were all alot older horses than him.
He was 1st in his palomino class.We missed our arabian classes which was a pity as we feel he would have done very well.It was his first show and he behaved excellent...
Roseglen Shaanice won her cremello class and was 3rd in Best Presented.
S.L Tinka-Belle got 1st NWP ,3rd Arabian 2/3yo,3rd Best presented NWP.


Niarla Golden Silhouette made her debut and won 2nd Part arabian 2 years & under.Missy won 5th.It was a strong class of lovely horses.
Sunday saw Shai-Anna make her debut too.She looked amazing..She worked well and was awarded Top 5 against top company.


Toowoomba Royal 08
First show since lockdown from EI.
It was great to be out competing again.
Scally went very well receiving 1st Best Presented White Horse, 2nd white horse & Reserve Champion ,and 1st part arabian stallion.
S.L Tinka- Belle 1st & Champion palomino mare/filly & 2nd Part Arabian filly.



April 08 ...Rothlynne Kadeena (WH Kadeen x Laradene Calisha)is joining our broodmare band she is a chestnut straight Egyptian ,she will be bred to our cremello stallions for beautiful palominos.

The new barn is finally up,now just getting the interior set up the way we want...It will have 8 stables, with a wash bay.... the older barn will get a much needed make over.It will be set up with 5 large stables....


We are pleased to announce that we have purchased 2 lovely quality palominos that are 93.75%.
The pretty filly is a yearling , ,Her name is
"Roseglen Sadeika"(pending)She is by Chevralea Golden Saiedii (multi Supreme champion)out of the beautiful Lindall Katie(Taylia Lodge Kadesh x Lindall Kahlua).
The stunning colt Roseglen Golden Legacy (pending)is only a couple of months old,He is very much a little man already,he has alot of spunk that should go well in the showring.
He is going to be a beautiful clean colour like his sire Chevralea Golden Saiedii.His dam is the lovely bay mare Marja Zute.(Talika Nile Salute x Redlens Zuela).
We would like to thank Sharon Blums of Roseglen for entrusting us with her lovely pallies ,they will be treasured that is for sure.They will join our other Chevralea Golden Saiedii filly "Roseglen Shaanice"
Here is a pic of Saiedii (Top 5 Aust Arabian Championships).



Very excited about our latest purchase she is a beautiful palomino filly ,"Niarla Golden Silhouette."
Silhouette is 96.9% arabian being by 2007 Australian Champion Niarla Amiracle out of Windella Silver Shaklana.

Some of the 2007 foals from outside mares.
Scally is the proud dad of his first palomino overo part arabian colt.He is credit Starwood Arabians.


Scally's outside mares are foaling some stunning coloured babies for their excitied owners.So far a palomino overo colt,a buckskin filly,2 palomino colts,a cremello filly,a palomino filly.Still more to come..
Congratulations to all of the new owners and welcome to the family.

Brisbane Royal
We took Scally and Tinka-Belle to the arabian classes .
Scally was awarded 2nd in a strong group of lovely stallions,the stallion that placed first had also won at this years Sydney Royal ,So a very pleasing effort.
Tink gained a second in her filly class with Ashleigh showing her.Well done Ash.

Laidley Show
Roseglen Shaanice(Missy) braved the very cold weather to gain 3 -1sts and a 2nd over the 2 days.

Ipswich Show
Ash took Tinka-Belle she won 1st and Champion Part arabian.
Lowood Show
We took 2 horses to this show Roseglen Shaanice making her showing debut, with 4-1sts,2-3rds a Champion & Reserve Champion.
Ash took Tinka-Belle winning 2-2nds & 2-3rds.

Ash had a good showing with Tinka-Belle gaining a 1st ,3 2nd's and a Reserve Champion.


Odyssey White Tiger has arrived ,
We would like to thank Karen & Morgan Brunt of Odyssey Stud for letting us purchase this stunning colt.
He has travelled a long way and all the transporters were very impressed with this young man.
He is the highest % arabian cremello colt in Australia being 87.5% And it shows .His sire is gorgeous coloured palomino Odyssey Golden Legend and his dam is the lovely Odyssey Ritzy Edition.
Once he has time to settle in he will be join the  Sierra Lodge show team.

Arabian Gala Event
Scally worked well to gain Top 5 in his Part Arabian stallion class.
Tinka-Belle received 2 Top 5's with Ashleigh showing her.pic included.


PAN PACIFIC 'A' Class Arabian Show
Excalibur was awarded 1st place against top class competition.
Laidley/Walloon All-Breeds
Excalibur won 1st ,Champion and then had to compete against the Champion mare and Gelding for Supreme.Excalibur was awarded the "Supreme Part Arabian Exhibit."
S.L Tinka-Belle also went,she won 2 first Rosettes,2 x 2nds and 2 Reserve Champions she worked very well for Ashleigh.

2007 BOXING DAY: We have purchased the lovely cremello filly Roseglen Shaanice,Thank you Sharon.
2007 SOME MORE EXCITING NEWS with arrival of a stunning new colt.... He will arrives in a couple of months .Check back to find out who he is!!!!
"A "CLASS SUMMER SHOW 2007 Excalibur won the P/stallion class.
Excalibur won his P/Arabian class and was Reserve Champion ,In the Dilute ring he received a 2nd Best Presented and a 2nd in his Stallion class.
S.L Tinka-Belle shown by Ashleigh won her P/Arabian filly class and was 3rd and 5th in her Palomino classes.

::2006::Aratahnes Excalibur was awarded  2nd place in a very strong class of lovely horses at the "A" class show the Pan Pacifics held at Ipswich 2006.

2006 Gold Coast  Ag it was a"A" class arabian show...

Excalibur won his arabian class and received Reserve Champion to his son S.L Nascien .This is Nasciens first show....

In The Dilute ring....

Excalibur won Best/Presented he was awarded Champion cremello/perlino then went on to be Supreme Overall Dilute....(beating the Supreme pally, Supreme Buckskin and Champion Ancilliary)With good entries in most classes...


:::STOP PRESS ::: HE has done it again.."Aratahnes Excalibur "

2006 Champion Part Arabian  Exhibit at the TOP Of The RANGE 'A' Class Show.



Aratahnes Excalibur won  Supreme Cremello/Perlino Exhibit at the 2005 Colourama held at Beenleigh ,QLD



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